A home away from home for your dog or puppy in West Seattle

Tired of feeling guilty leaving your dog home in a crate all day while you’re at work?? Sick of coming home to “Nasty grams” from your neighbors about your barking dog??? Or to find your house torn up & big holes in your yard, under your fence and have to go looking for your “Houdini” dog???

Now you have a solution so you can go to work, play or on holiday without a worry after dropping your pooch off at West Seattle Dog House Daycare. We provide supervised play for your “kid in a fur coat”. It’s the perfect solution to make sure Fido gets plenty of exercise and the socialization he needs.

West Seattle Dog House Daycare facility offers 1000 sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor play and exercise area. Outdoors, your pooch can run and play in a securely fenced enclosure filled with cedar chips for comfort and cleanliness. Indoors, the dogs can escape the outdoor elements and enjoy a fully matted lounge and play area.

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